28 Berkeley Terrace
Now known as 71 Berkeley Street

No occupants given until 1861

1861-65    McClelland, James jun., accountant (of McClelland, Son & Smith, accountants, 103 St. Vincent St.)

1865-67    McClelland, Mrs. James

1867-69    McBean, Lachlan (of McBean, Jamieson & Co., merchants, 183 West George St.)

1869-77    Hutchison, Peter (of John & Peter Hutchison, steam ship agents, 69 Great Clyde St.)

1877    No occupants given until 1878

1878-88    Smith, David, M.D., M.R.C.S., surgeon and oculist, 48 Dundas Street

1888-95    Snow, Mrs. Francis, Private Home Hospital

1895-1906    Kerr, John M. Munro, M.B., C.M., F.F.P.S.G.

1906-07    Stevenson, Wm.  McDermid, B.A.T.D., teacher of dancing and deportment

1907-09    Wilson, Alex. (of Alex. Wilson & Co., tile & terrazzo contractors & marble workers)

1909    Leslie, James & Son (of James S. Leslie & Sons, piano tuners and repairers)

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