1 Belmont Street, Hillhead
Also known as 1 Belmont Terrace.

No occupants given until 1869

1869-73    Alsop, Frederick

1869-70    MacFarlane, Robt., gum agent

1870-74    Alison, Robt. (of Maurice Ogle & Co., booksellers, stationers & bookbinders, 1 Royal Exchange Square)

1873-76    Boyd, James (of James Smith & Son, coalmasters, 20 Dixon Street)

1873-76    Wright, Thomas (of John J. Muir & Davie, manufacturers of shirtings, cloakings, winceys & grenadines, 1 South Hanover St.)

1876-80    Dick, Mrs.

1876-79    Hislop, Miss

1879-83    Pitcairn, Mrs.

1883-86    Young, Miss W.A.

1884-88    Hay, Alex. B., Clyde Chemical Works, 118 Old Keppochhill Road

1886-1906    MacAra, Mudie

1890-92    Browne, John, draper, hosier and milliner, 56-60 Hamilton Place, Great Western Road, Hillhead

1893-96    Alston, Mrs. J.W.

1896-1902    Jacob, John, flour, grain and produce broker, 57 Hope St.

1902-05    Herbert, Wm. (of Herbert Brothers, hay, straw and grain merchants, 134-6 Kennedy St.)

1905-08    Arroll, Archd. (of Johnstone, Arroll & Co., oil, soap & candle merchants, 29 Carlton Court)

1906-12    Scotland, Robt. G., surgical appliance maker, 209 Buchanan St.

1908    Anderson, Thos., A.M.I.C.E., Royal Indian Marine

1911    Strachan, Thomas L., accountant, house factor, property agent, 21 Hope St.

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