12 Belmont Street, Hillhead
Also known as 12 Belmont Gardens or Terrace.

No occupants given until 1882

1882-87    Ewing, Rev. John F., minister, Free West Church, Kent Rd.

1887-91    Grischotti, R.O. (of Grischotti & Co., merchants, coal exporters, timber & commission agents, 163 W. George St.)

1891-1903    Baird, Alex. (of Alex. Baird & Son, artistic stationery & gold bevel edge card manufacturers & envelope makers, die sinkers, printers & lithographers, 177 Sauchiehall St.; Kelvinbridge Stationery Works, Herbert St.)

1903    No occupants given until 1904

1904    Ritchie, Dr. John, M.B., C.M., consulting rooms, 501 New City Road

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