1 Belgrave Terrace, Hillhead

No occupants given until 1859

1859-60    Drew, John

1860-80    Rae, Gavin (of G. & J. Rae, glass merchants and glaziers, 35 Montrose Street)

1879-80    Rae, Miss

1880    No occupants given until 1882

1882-84    Chalmers, Thomas W. (at Hydepark Locomotive Works, Springburn)

1884-89    Fleming, Ebenezer Brown, commission merchant, 185 West George Street

1889    Sawers, George B., joint secretary, North British Locomotive Co. Ltd., Flemington St., Springburn

1889-1914    Sawers, R. B.

Next door to 2 Belgrave Terrace       Around the corner to 12 Belgrave Terrace

Across Wilson Street (now Oakfield Avenue) to 3 Craiglaw Place (535 Great Western Road)

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