11 Beaumont Gate, Dowanside
now 32 Highburgh Road

No occupants given until 1905

1905-10    Dick, Charles S. (of Rowley & Dick, drysalters and oil merchants, 99-103 Bishop St., Port Dundas)

1905    Miller, Wm., builder, Horselethill Road, Kelvinside

1906-10    Hutton, Wm. Kilpatrick, M.A., M.B., lecturer in regional anatomy, The University

1907    Murray, David, builder & contractor, 16 Prince Albert Road

1910    Baird, Thos. H., engineer

1910    Milne, Henry C., secretary, Royal Exchange

1910    Steven James (Steven & Struthers, brassfounders & engineers, Eastvale Place, Kelvinhaugh)

1910-11    Young, Robt. (of Young & Alexander, iron and steel merchants, Baltic Chambers, 50 Wellington Street)

1911    Paterson, Mrs.

1913    Gray, Mrs. R.H.

Across Beaumont Gate to 30 Highburgh Road    Next door to 12 Beaumont Gate (34 Highburgh Road)

Around the corner to 10 Beaumont Gate

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