32 Bell Terrace, Hillhead
Now known as 32 Bank Street

No occupant given until 1877

1877-79    Halley, Joseph, clothier, 122-124 Dumbarton Road

1878-80    Munro, James (at D. & G. Graham, bellhangers, telegraph engineers, gasfitters, brassfounders, locksmiths, window blind manufacturers, &c., picture & stair rods, speaking tubes, electric, pneumatic, index and alarm bells, &c., 267 Sauchiehall St. & St. Alban's Place, Byres Road, Dowanilll)

1878-85    Scott, Mrs., dressmaker

1879-81    Finlay, Miss, staymaker

1879-81    McPherson, John (of John McPherson & Son, wrights and glaziers, 5 Wilson St. (Oakfield Avenue), Hillhead)

1879-80    Robertson, Mrs.

1882-85    Ingram, Alexander, (at William Murdoch, commission merchant, 119 Ingram St.)

1883-87    Bogue, John, teacher of music

1883-85    Campbell, Anslow, commercial traveller (Galbraith, Simpson & Co., ladies' underclothing manufacturers, 43 Mitchell Street)

1883-1907    Robb, James (at Frazer & Green, pharmaceutical chemists, manufacturers of aerated waters, 1 Belmont Place, Great Western Road, Hillhead)

1885-89    Bain, John R., commercial traveller (at Aikman & Co., wholesale boot and shoe, leather & shoe mercery merchants, manufacturers & importers, 29 Ann St.)

1886-89    James, T.L., warehouseman, 19 Jamaica Street

1887-89    Hamilton, Hugh, painter 172 West Regent St.

1889-1901    Mitchell, David K., plumber and gasfitter, 61 Bank St.

1891-94    Brown, James, grocer and wine merchant, 325 New City Road

1894-98    Giffen, John, Gartsherrie office

1894-98    Gregory, James J. (at Wm. Ewing & Co., foreign merchants, 62 Buchanan St.)

1907-10    Robb, Miss

1910    Morgan, J.

1912    McGregor, Roderick, claim inspector, Buchanan St. Goods Station

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