19 Annfield Terrace West, Partick
Now 1 Banavie Road, formerly Annfield Road

No occupant given until 1874

1874-77    Smith, Ernest

1877-87    Landless, Wm., architect

1887-96    Donaldson, James

1896    No occupant given until 1897

1897-99    Robertson, John

1899    No occupant given until 1900

1900    Burton, Rev. John T., M.A., Newton Place U.F. Church, Dumbarton Road, Partick

Next door to 3 Banavie Road (18 Annfield Terrace West)

Across Banavie Road to 8 Banavie Road (1 Annfield Terrace)

Across Hayburn Crescent to 1 Hayburn Crescent

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