9 Ashton Terrace, Burgh of Partick
Now 17 Ashton Road, formerly known as Parkville Road.

No occupants given until 1864

1864-73    Mitchell, John Oswald (of Schrader & Mitchell, leather, bark, and hide factors, 12 Dixon Street)

1873-80    Thomson, Malcolm C., flax and hemp spinner, and sailcloth manufacturer, 67 Great Clyde Street and London

1880-93    Waddell, Rev. P. Hately, LL.D., clergyman, Trades Hall

1893-98    Waddell, James

1898    No occupants given until 1899

1899    Graham, Dr. J. Gibson, M.A., M.D., physician & surgeon, 308 Dumbarton road, Partick

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