5 Ashton Terrace, Burgh of Partick
Now 9 Ashton Road, formerly known as Parkville Road.

No occupants given until 1864

1864-66    Steel, James A. (of Webster, Steel, & Co., merchants, 132 St. Vincent St.)

1866    No occupants given until 1867

1867-69    Day, St. John Vincent, civil engineer and patent agent, 166 Buchanan Street

1869    No occupants given until 1870

1870-76    Sloan, Alex., C.A. & stock broker, secretary of Standard Life Assurance Co., 106 St. Vincent St.

1876-97    Candlish, Rev. James S., D.D., professor of theology, Free Church College

1897-1909    Candlish, Mrs. J.S.

1909    Horn, Wm., dairyman, 200 Byres Road

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