29 Ashton Terrace, Burgh of Partick
Now 108 University Avenue, formerly 29 University Avenue, now demolished for the University of Glasgow

No occupants given until 1877

1877-82    Wood, Alex.

1879-81    Birrell, Wm. Euing, insurance broker (of William Euing & Co., insurance brokers, Royal exchange)

1879-89    Brand, Adam (at Rutherford Brothers, manufacturers, 48 Ingram St.)

1880-1901    Wardlaw, Mrs. Wm.

1882-1900    Wilson, James (at Tillie & Henderson, shirt, underclothing, corset & shirting manufacturers & printers, 39 Miller Street)

1885-92    Peterson, James D. (of James D. Peterson & Co., ship agents and commission merchants, 31 St. Vincent Place)

1890-96    Bannerman, David, jun., 9 Waterloo Street

1895-97    Thomson, W.J.

1896-1905    Aspin, James Ernest (of James Aspin & Sons, varnish and japan manufacturers, 51 Hydepark Street)

1898-1903    Denholm, James D. (of A. Denholm & Co., wholesale and export confectioners, Clyde Confectionery Works, 39 McKechnie St. & Little St., Calton)

1900-03    Sinclair, N.

1901-07    Cree, Jane S.

1903-05    Anderson, Archd. M., M. Inst. C.E.

1903-07    Anderson, Archd. G., artist, journalist, and photographic publisher

1905-07    Gray, Mrs.

1907-08    Anderson, Mrs.

1908    Anderson, Miss

1908-11    Lindemann, H. (Burns & Lindemann, coal exporters, 104 W. George Street)

1911    Fyfe, Alex., agent, Clydesdale Bank Ltd., 326 Byres Road, Hillhead

1911    Spens, Miss

1912    Keddie, Misses A. & J.

Around the corner to 28 Ashton Terrace (53 Ashton Road)     Next door to 30 Ashton Terrace (106 University Avenue)

Across Ashton Road to 110 Universty Avenue (1 University Gardens Terrace)

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