26 Ashton Terrace, Burgh of Partick
Now 51 Ashton Road, formerly known as Parkville Road, now demolished for the University of Glasgow

No occupants given until 1868

1868-75    Wilson, Misses

1875-77    Gillespie, Walter (of W.S. Lorrain & Gillespie, East India merchants, 234 West George Street)

1877-94    McMillan, Daniel, headmaster, Alexander's Charity, 94 Duke St.

1892-99    McMillan, Mrs. D.

1899    No occupants given until 1900

1900-06    MacDonald, Miss

1906    MacFarlane, W.M. (of M. & J. MacFarlane, grain, hay & straw merchants, 151 North St.)

Next door to 25 Ashton Terrace (49 Ashton Road)     Next door to 27 Ashton Terrace (53 Ashton Road)

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