15 Ashton Terrace, Burgh of Partick
Now 29 Ashton Road, formerly known as Parkville Road, now demolished for the University of Glasgow

No occupants given until 1864

1864-67    Donaldson, Wm. F. (of Donaldson Brothers, ship and insurance brokers, 62 Buchanan Street)

1864-80    Donaldson, John (of J. & P. Donaldson, gold and silversmiths, jewellers, and watchmakers, 68 Argyle Street)

1868-97    Donaldson, Archd. F. (of Donaldson Brothers, ship & insurance brokers, 67 Great Clyde Street)

1897-1902    Buchanan, Walter (of W.G. Mitchell & Co., muslin and calico finishers, 48 French St., and 21 Cochrane St.)

1902    No occupants given until 1903

1903-14    Harrowes, Rev. W.H., M.A., minister, St. Enoch U.F. Church

1914    Sutherland, A.W., M.B., Ch.B., physician & surgeon, 303 Dumbarton Road, Partick

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