1 Dunkeld Place, Burgh of Partick
Later 4 Ashton Road, formerly known as Parkville Road, now demolished

No occupants given until 1879

1879-82    Cook, Dr. Edmond A., analyst

1879-81    McKissock, Peter, builder (of Peter McKissock & Co., masons and builders, 37 Minerva Street)

1879-93    Rutherford, Miss C.D.

1880-86    McGrother, James

1883-86    Cant, James (of Cant & White, timber measurers, Yorkhill timber Wharf)

1885-91    MacLeod, Norval (at John & James White, chemical manufacturers, 7 West George St. ; works, Shawfield, near Rutherglen)

1886-89    Cowie, John R. (Andrew Spencer, coalmaster, Shawsburn, Rigside and Douglas collieries, 160 Hope St.)

1886-87    Dishart, Robert P., steamship broker, 101 St. Vincent St.

1886-88    Steven, Mrs.

1888-89    Orr, David V. (at Ayr Steam Shipping Co., ship owners, 71 Queen St.)

1889-91    Rattray, Andrew Dewar, wholesale and retail grocer and wine merchant, 188 Dumbarton Road, Partick

1889-91    Ronald, Mrs.

1891-1913    Jockel, Christian

1891-97    Smith, Miss Lenora B., artist, 79 West Regent St.

1893-99    Gibb, James B., commercial traveller (at James Gordon, wine merchant, spirit broker and agent, 167 St. Vincent St.)

1894-97    Smith, Fred. W. (at Scottish Metropolitan Life Assurance Co., 107 Wellington Street)

1897-1900    Campbell, Mrs.

1897-99    Forsyth, James D.

1898-1904    Fairfoul, William, cashier (Hutson & Sons Ltd., shipbuilders, engineers, and boilermakers, 126 Kelvinhaugh Street)

1898-1903    Miller, Mrs. L.

1898    Walton, G. Kenyon, 11 Oswald St.

1900-05    Greig, R.W. (at J. & W. Greig, wool brokers, hide and skin brokers, 99 McAlpine St.)

1901-02    Simpson, John, jun., iron and steel merchant, 55 King Street ; warehouse, 101 King Street

1903    McKell, R. Pollock, Clyde Navigation Trustees Chambers, 16 Robertson St.

1906    MacAlpine, Thos. W., secy., Cranston's Tea Rooms Ltd., 28 Buchanan St.

1906-11    MacFarlane, John, private tutor

1911-12    MacFarlane, Mrs. John

1913    Abel, Rev. R.H.

1913    Baxter, Miss

1913    Brown, Miss

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